Been battling with poor health for the past weeks and most of the time. Other than vomitting and feeling feverish, I am either working or making cards.

Business has been steady for the cards and I can't say how happy I am to know that there are people out there who appreciate what I make. The record is now at 65! And I am looking forward to hitting my 100th card really soon! Thanks to all the lovely friends out there who make an effort to buy even 1 card from me, your support is greatly appreciated. I am also happy to see second degree aquaintances expressing interest in my cards, proves that a little gesture to spread the word goes a long way!

I have been learning a lot of interesting things from what people want in their cards. For example, a large number of people love green for some reason. I personally hate green so I never thought much about stocking up green cardstock but now that there are requests, I make an effort to buy them. Pleasing colors such as pink or purple are in fact harder to sell, perhaps it's harder to keep them as unisex cards for general purposes.

My friend told me "make what customers want, not what you want". That I only hold true partially, because when I make what I want, I get pleasant surprises too. You never know what people will like, although there were several times when I have been disappointed with lukewarm responses to cards which I personally love. For example, the Kate Spade inspired series took longer to take off than I expected and I had to hard sell some of the remaining ones. Some of what I thought were cluttered and kiddy received warm responses. So, you never know! Just make it!

It's end May now, a little less than 2 months since I started so I really hope to keep going at it, long enough for me to at least infiltrate 0.0001% of the population with my Christmas cards!

That day when I tried to tell somebody in my company about my new online store for homemade cards, the opposite party half scoffed "hand-made cards are still popular meh?" At that moment, I didn't know what to say.

When I told Abs this, she said "It may not be popular but the warmth and delight which the receiver feels cannot be measured (by frivolous benchmarks like popularity)" Well said indeed. And that is why I shall continue to make what I like to make.
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